Tuesday, 9 September 2014

£7 Skincare Routine | Tesco Pro Radiance

Don't get me wrong, who doesn't love a good splurge? Nothing beats that feeling as your walking away from a beauty counter you've just spent a third of your wage at. You know that food will be basic for the rest of the month, but those thirty pound products are going to leave you looking better than Jennifer Lawrence on her best day.

Sadly, those moments are few and far between for recent graduates. Not only do we lack thirty pound beauty products, we also now live entirely of basic food. This lead me to my most recent find- a Tesco Skincare. Even better than that, four products for just £7. (My bill was actually £7.21 after buying five reduced jam doughnuts..)


For starters I am amazed at being able to afford four new skincare items for just £7. For me, you cannot say fairer than that. I am a lover of Origins products - they will always hold a special place in my heart, but for now, Tesco can have a bit of love too.

First thing on a morning, I begin with the Pro Formula Radiance Exfoliating Face Scrub, which like the rest of the range has a beautiful fresh scent and tiny green dissolvable beads. These are what work the magic on dry areas, and leave them smoother than you'd have ever thought possible by a £1.50 product. If it was the evening, I would have used the Cleanser beforehand, but on a morning the scrub is enough to remove oils built up overnight.

Once I've used the scrub, my face is usually feeling squeaky clean and ready for the day. I then use cotton pads to apply "The" toner . It gets a capital T because this is what I feel works really well on keeping my slightly oily t-zone from looking like I work in a chip shop as the day goes on.

Before applying make up, I use the Pro Radiance Day Cream. £3 for a tub of face cream that claims to keep skin looking radiant and protect the skin from premature ageing. I may only be 21 but it's never too early ladies. This moisturiser is heavenly as it is definitely light enough for my oily skin to manage for the day with make up on top. Since I'm such a cheap skate, I skipped out on buying the night cream, and have realised that applying an extra smidge more of this at night works a treat as an overnight moisturiser too.

What are your favourite skincare bargains? 

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